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Granite Belt Winery

Welcome to our Winery, Vineyard and Cellar Door

Nestled in the scenic Wyberba Valley, your hosts Warren and Sue welcome you to their Granite Belt winery.

After removing some old table grapes from the Granite Belt farm, Warren and Sue set about preparing the ground and hand planting their red varieties of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in 1999. The old patch of black Muscat grapes were restored in order to make some wine from them. In the next two years, they planted Mourvedre and quickly decided that there was enough work there to keep them busy.

The winery equipment was purchased to begin their first vintage in 2000 using grapes purchased from Ballandean Estate, another Granite Belt winery. For the first three years, they purchased grapes in small quantities whilst their own vineyard matured. A few stainless steel tanks, a couple of barrels, a basket press, a mono pump and some bottling equipment was the beginning of the winery, producing only a few ton at the time. Production ramped up when the harvest of their own grapes began in 2004. Production now sits at around 15 tons each year.

The cellar door was renovated from on old historic packing shed that many locals remember as a dance hall and used by the nearly Wyberba school. With four years for renovations and repurposing the cellar door was officially opened in April 2003. A warm and inviting space where you can sample the current range of wines sitting by the fireplace. During vintage, you can inhale the enticing aromas of wine ferments from the winery as it is  located downstairs from the cellar door.

When you visit the cellar door, you can:

  • Meet the winemaker.
  • Sample the estate grown grapes used to produce our red wines.
  • Sample the white wines made from local Granite Belt fruit.
  • Become part of our wine family and join our loyalty club.
  • Have fun at our winery events

The Vineyard

We hand planted our vineyard in 1999 starting with the traditional varieties of Merlot, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. The previous owners grew table grapes so we kept a patch of old bush grown Black Muscat grapes which Warren resurrected by mowing them down with a chain saw, re-trellising and training them onto a cordon wire. We had intentions of planting white varieties but since starting production, we realised we could source white varieties from the local grape growers.

Our vineyard practices have changed over the years with experience and knowledge of the soil, weather and unique growing conditions.

Some new practices include:

  • soil moisture monitoring
  • compost production from winery waste
  • minimal irrigation
  • minimal herbicide applications

The Granite Belt Winery

From little things, big things grow! Starting with just a milk vat, a crusher, a manual basket press and a couple of barrels, we’ve extended the winery and have now run out of space. We need a new shed!Our production has increased slowly to meet demand. In the beginning we produced only 4 wines however our production has now grown to number 10 wines in total. More tanks, more barrels, a new shiny basket press (pneumatic) and a screw cap machine. The machinery continues to expand and we grow older!


When you feel like a Pinot Noir, reach for our Merlot instead. Merlot has the classic characters of ripe cherries and red berries with bright crimson hues. 


A remarkable red wine proved to cellar well. Open on those special occasions in your life that you deserve to celebrate.


The fruit used to produce this wine was sourced from the Rosemary Hill vineyard west of Stanthorpe. The perfect summer white wine!


Our Chardonnay has quite a following. Individual ferments in barrel taking on their own flavours and character with only the best parcels selected for blending.

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