The Wine Options is a Team event for everyone to enjoy.  Do you want to learn about wine, have the chance to win some prizes and have a lot of fun as well?  The emphasis is on FUN.

Well, Wine Options is for you!

  • Team event with the emphasis on FUN.
  • Find 4 people interested in wine and think up the catchiest name and come in costume to match. Some examples of team names are Bob Merlot & the Winos, Punks on Plonk, The Big Spit, Hard Act to Swallow, Deft Palates, Noble Rotters, The Spitt-Hoons, No Screwpulls, Natural Born Swillers, Pinot Envy, etc.
  • Teams are asked to answer 5 questions on 8 different wines. (4 white and 4 red)
  • Choose the correct answer from the three options (A, B or C) provided for each question.
  • Even if people are new to wine and they really don’t know how to tell the difference between a Cabernet and a Shiraz (and none of us do either!), at least they have options to choose from.
  • So Wine Options is a game for everyone to enjoy..
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2020 event – 12 September 6:00pm

2019 Team Names

The Cabs (Winners), Spaghetti Bordeauxnese (Best Team Costume), Hair of the Dog (Best Team Name), The Strange Birds, The Tasting Notes, Dolly Partons, Girrawine National Park, Chianti Christ, Beaujolais Bogans (scratched)

2018 Team Names

Human Wine Whores (Winners), Guardians of the Grapevines (Best Team Costume), Plastered in Paris, The Jalapinots (Best Team Name), Barol-O-Monkeys, 50 Shades of Reds, Better Off Red, The Grapeful Dead, The Handmaids Tipple, The Cardy Chardies, The Chardy Cardies, Convicted Grapists, Tasting Notes

2017 – Team Names

Finding Pinot (Best Team Name), You’re the wine that I want, The Dr Dans, Aargh me Chaardys (Winners), Simply Red, The Girrawinos, Grape Canaveral (Best Team Costume), Crazy Cowboys, Yurts City Slickers, Brett