The Wine Options is a Team event for everyone to enjoy.  Do you want to learn about wine, have the chance to win some prizes and have a lot of fun as well?  The emphasis is on FUN.

Well, Wine Options is for you!

  • Team event with the emphasis on FUN.
  • Find 4 people interested in wine and think up the catchiest name and come in costume to match. Some examples of team names are Bob Merlot & the Winos, Punks on Plonk, The Big Spit, Hard Act to Swallow, Deft Palates, Noble Rotters, The Spitt-Hoons, No Screwpulls, Natural Born Swillers, Pinot Envy, etc.
  • Teams are asked to answer 5 questions on 8 different wines. (4 white and 4 red)
  • Choose the correct answer from the three options (A, B or C) provided for each question.
  • Even if people are new to wine and they really don’t know how to tell the difference between a Cabernet and a Shiraz (and none of us do either!), at least they have options to choose from.
  • So Wine Options is a game for everyone to enjoy..
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2019 event – 7 September 6:00pm

2018 Team Names

Human Wine Whores (Winners), Guardians of the Grapevines (Best Team Costume), Plastered in Paris, The Jalapinots (Best Team Name), Barol-O-Monkeys, 50 Shades of Reds, Better Off Red, The Grapeful Dead, The Handmaids Tipple, The Cardy Chardies, The Chardy Cardies, Convicted Grapists, Tasting Notes

2017 – Team Names

Finding Pinot (Best Team Name), You’re the wine that I want, The Dr Dans, Aargh me Chaardys (Winners), Simply Red, The Girrawinos, Grape Canaveral (Best Team Costume), Crazy Cowboys, Yurts City Slickers, Brett